We create spaces to experience and interact with the products being exhibited.


The Showroom is the most personal example for companies, who are looking to exhibit within their premises. Companies are always coming up with new ways of ensuring visibility and are increasingly committed to exhibiting their entire product range in their headquarters.

Many customers have asked us to create or modernise their exhibition spaces where their entire product range is on display, in a corporate and cosy environment due to being in the company’s headquarters.

01 Personalised advice

02 Space design according to your objectives

03 Management of retail and distribution design

04 We offer you the best after-sales service

RC Projects places particular emphasis on connecting with customers to share ideas and analyse the way forward in terms of design, layout and specific theme of the different areas, adapting each space until a modern, technological and impleccably finished end result is achivied with our trademark style.
We treat the Showroom concept as a space to experiment with the various products on display, through audiovisual technology and corporate graphics.


A method based on our experience.


We offer you support before, during and after the showrooms are designed.


We are flexible and always adapt to your wishes and needs


We will be on hand; your opinion is the most important when creating the space

360º Service

we will be your partner throughout the entire process through our integral service.

Tell us about your project

Tell us what you need and we will meet your expectations.
We adapt to your needs and budget to turn your brand into a reference point that will stand out from the competition regardless of location.

Above all, we design spaces and experiences that reflect your brand's personality.

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